Out October 9th 2020

Sin Poder Hacer Un Ruido (which translates into “Unable to Make a Noise”) tells the shared story of struggle faced by latinx queer people upon coming out. “This record shares some of my darkest, and most traumatic experiences, in hopes that others can relate and make peace with their own darkness,” Jack Mozie says of his newest EP. “This record helped me heal from my past.”

Mozie produced and recorded this album during the COVID-19 pandemic entirely from his home studio. “I found myself in isolation after Rock For Pride ended. Music has always been a way for me to connect with people, so I began writing,” said Mozie. Despite being unable to collaborate with other artists on this release, Mozie hopes his songs will help others relate to his situation and enjoy the camaraderie in shared challenges. “Coming out is different for everyone, but we all deal with the hardship of being accepted. I hope this music makes other journeys less lonely, and reminds people that loving and accepting yourself is worth it. ”