About Jack Mozie

Jack Mozie, nee Ramiro Orellana, is a singer/songwriter and music producer who started his career performing in clubs in Seattle, Washington. He released his first album, Sealed For Your Protection, on March 18th 2011, with 14 original songs. His second album, Iron Fist, was released on April 23rd 2013, and garnered him some popularity in the Seattle area. 

Jack has produced for other local artists, such as Andrew Scott, Creature Hole, Hashtag Wallis, and Supernova Majesty. He received his Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences in Electronic Music Production and a Certificate in Commercial and Pop Music from Shoreline Community College. He is currently attending Berklee Online and working towards his Bachelors of Professional Studies in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design.

Also, Jack is an activist. He has been participating in May Day marches in Seattle, volunteering at Pride events, and helping to create fundraisers to benefit local LGBT non-profits. He recently released Chasing Rainbows, a 4-song EP with acoustic pop sensibilities.